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Saturday, December 21, 2013


This is a scan of the first page of my first book, IN THE MARBLE OF YOUR ANIMAL EYES, and I'm THRILLED to announce that it's finally available at Publication Studio. I am tremendously grateful to Patricia No and Antonia Pinter/ Publication Studio (Portland) for taking so much care to honor this compost book and its unusual habits. 

Joseph Lease has said, “In the Marble of Your Animal Eyes is gorgeous and heartbreaking, and it changes everything. Nathan Hauke is one of the best poets writing today.” A visual compost that tracks the breakdown of a marriage next to the process of writing the manuscript text through layers of old letters, handwritten journals and earlier drafts, In the Marble of Your Animal Eyes, is a postmodern eclogue that attempts to address upheaval by exploring the way divorce rewires pastoral imaginations of place. These poems were hand-edited and those edits appear in facsimile transcription, a transparent erasure of things past that marks the force with which poverty strips away static notions of identity to reveal what is and is not essential to generative contact with the world. A sequence from In the Marble of Your Animal Eyes was recently featured in the “Textual Ecologies” section of The Arcadia Project: Postmodern North American Pastoral (Ahsahta 2012). Hauke’s poems have been published in a wide variety of journals including American Letters & Commentary, Colorado Review, Denver Quarterly, Interim, The Laurel Review, and New American Writing.

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