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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Brenda Sieczkowki reviews IN THE MARBLE OF YOUR ANIMAL EYES (Publication Studio, 2013) at The Rumpus

“These poems remind me that the cost of productive instability, its necessary risk, is that such instability often occasions loss (and forgiveness).”
I am incredibly grateful for the keen insights of Brenda Sieczkowski's expansive review of In the Marble of Your Animal Eyes (Publication Studio, 2013), a companion text in the truest sense. Her discussion of tracking the pitch of “clue-threads” that mark the book’s “projective geometry,” shines so many of the framing overlays I tried to keep myself in the dark about in order to keep moving as it considers the attempt to preserve animality, the suspension between upheavals and “polish” (“coats of varnish”), memorial, decay, and the desire for healing, etc.

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