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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Stunned by the arrival of Every Living One amidst snow melt this afternoon! ! ! I am incredibly grateful to Jen Tynes and horse less press for giving it a home, David Ruhlman for the use of his gorgeous handmade book, "Felt" (2004), for the cover, and Alban Fischer's innovate design work. 
Paul Naylor has said, "In Every Living One, Nathan Hauke, like Ronald Johnson, works the compost heap left by the New England Transcendentalists—Emerson, Hawthorne, and Thoreau all leave traces throughout this careful, delicate, yet tough-minded book. Hauke’s world is—as it should be—a more broken, more littered world than his predecessors, a world composed of as much consumer debris as natural beauty. And it’s to our benefit that Hauke has the tenacity and integrity not to turn his back on either, allowing him to take us to the numinous edge of perception: ‘There is must be a higher origin of.’ Every Living One explores the isn’t as much as the is of that possible higher origin, all while facing directly the sorrows of death and poverty haunting everyday life; yet beneath that layer of sorrow we find at the book’s core a ‘Raw knot of gratitude.’ That gratitude comes through on each page of this compelling book.” 
Order your copy at horse less: http://horselesspress.org/…/pre-order-nathan-haukes-every-…/ Or, let me know if you're interested in writing a review and I'll send one along myself.
Here's a peak inside ::

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