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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Textual Environments: Site and Permeability panel at ASLE

the poem is a site where wildness collapses distinctions between inside and outside/ self and other(s)

Had an amazing and inspiring time at the ASLE conference in Moscow, ID last week! Here are some picks of the Textual Environments: Site and Permeability panel that Michelle Detoire, Brenda Sieczkowski, Megan Kaminski, and I were on together.

Michelle Detorie presents "Feral Poetics: New Histories, Different Futures"

My presentation "INDIAN SUMMER RECYLING: Writing is Fieldwork"

Megan Kaminski presents "Province and Permeability" 

Brenda Sieczkowski presents "Dysplacements: Exploring Spatial Injustice in Concrete Undergrounds"

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