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J Cage: Music is permanent; only listening is intermittent

Monday, February 20, 2017


Delighted to be reading around in the new Interim this morning and find myself in the company of so many loved ones.
*I hope you'll find company here too and find your way to Claudia Keelan's incredible "A PREFACE IS AN AFTERWOR(L)D": "It feels, this attempt to speak to our present moment, nearly insurmountable, as my vocabulary, as the vocabulary of our nation, has suffered what seems a death blow. What can be said simply can't be said in the same way any longer [...] This bankruptcy of language didn't begin with Trump, and it won't end with his presidency. It began in our most progressive, national dialogues and in our progressive fear of calling out reductive, totalizing, or simply unkind words because they either appealed to our own biases or because these words and phrases were, in however limited way, in service of the right causes."

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